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Exclusive Music Releases

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Customized Audio Settings

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Chat With Your Favorite Artist

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Curated Playlist For you!


Music360 is a social media music streaming platform connecting people around the world through music. Become the DJ of your own party, share and listen to high quality music with your friends, and make new friends that like the same music as you. Discover new hot music and artists and stream the ones you already love.  No matter your lifestyle or mood, you decide the music, Music360 stays with you.

Music360 gives you premiere access to live concerts, release parties, and events. At Music360, your messages are encrypted as your privacy is key and no one should have access to your private conversations. Speaking of conversations, nothing can stop you from making new friends, not even language. Chat in your preferred language to anyone and they will receive it in theirs, amazing right? Music360 is enhancing how we listen, stream, and connect around the world through music!

what is

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- See who else is listening to the same music as you
- Send text messages and songs to friends
- Become friends with top  artists
- Become friends with the songwriters and producers behind the hits

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- At Music360, privacy is key
- We do NOT track your location
- We do NOT sell your profile
- Your messages are encrypted
- Your data automatically expires when YOU specify

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- Amazing Sounding Plugins!
- Choose Kurve for a modern look and sound
- Choose Vinyl for a vintage look and that prized record player sound. And yes, Vinyl lets you scratch like a DJ!

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Are you tired of posting amazing content and not being seen because of “The Algorythm?” Are you an influencer looking for a better way to connect to your audience and monetize your brand? Would you like to be featured on the FRONT PAGE of an industry disrupting app designed with you in mind? Then email for more details on he we can help connect you to the world through music360!

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The music360 app combines music, social media, and video content into one dope app without all the politics of algorythms and pay to play. This app is truly for the people!

- @mikebuildsbrands

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