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Sponsorships & Partnerships

Music360 is now accepting partnerships for 2022. Millions of people listen to music daily, why not reach them and inform them of your business? 


Music360 is open to partnerships which include businesses ranging from fashion, art, beauty, music, and more. In-app partnerships include but not limited to; Homepage Takeover, Ad Commercial Streaming, Event Partnerships, Launch Rooms, and more! Music360 is hosting some major events beginning in February. 

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What is Music360?

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Music360 is a social media music streaming platform connecting people around the world through music. Become the DJ of your own party, share and listen to high quality music with your friends, and make new friends that like the same music as you. Discover new hot music and artists and stream the ones you already love.  No matter your lifestyle or mood, you decide the music, Music360 stays with you. 


Music360 gives you premiere access to live concerts, release parties, and events. At Music360, your messages are encrypted as your privacy is key and no one should have access to your private conversations. Speaking of conversations, nothing can stop you from making new friends, not even language. Chat in your preferred language to anyone and they will receive it in theirs, amazing right? Music360 is enhancing how we listen, stream, and connect around the world through music!


We look forward to talking further in helping you reach your goals. 

Thank you,

Jasmine L. 

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